Swiss Residential Real Estate market Update

* Per year there are only 1500 permits for foreigners, not residing in Switzerland, available to acquire a holiday house in Switzerland. These properties in general are restricted to a maximum of 200 m2 living space and a maximum of 1000 m2 of land. These permits are divided amongst the various districts. Only one property can be acquired per person. This is the so called Lex Koller law.

* In 2012 the "Stop the Endless Construction of Secondary Homes " initiative was accepted by Swiss voters. This new constitutional provision will prevent the construction of new holiday homes in tourist regions which already have a 20% or greater share of holiday homes. Around 580 villages are directly impacted. This is the so called Lex Weber law.

* Switzerland still has a very stable economical environment with a very strong Swiss Franc.

The result of this, is that prices are still increasing due to the shortage of supply and an ever existing demand for good holiday houses…


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