Real Estate

Although the global economy has not fully recovered from the recession, Switzerland is still doing very well.
The strong Swiss currency, the stable political environment, the uncertainty of the Euro and the US Dollar, the high demand for good real estate, are all reasons why foreign investors are looking for solid, sustainable investments.


Restrictive acquisition of Residential Real Estate by foreigners not resident in Switzerland

All foreigners who wish to acquire Swiss residential real estate must obtain approval prior to their purchase. 
A foreigner may be authorised to purchase a holiday home in a place designated by the respective cantonal authorities as a holiday resort. Every authorisation must be deducted from the annual quota (around 1500) and is in general restricted to max 200m2 floorspace and 1000m2 of land.

Acquisition of Commercial Real Estate

There are no restrictions regarding the acquisition of purely commercial real estate by foreigners or foreign entities. As a result, there are interesting tax planning options to invest in Swiss commercial real estate.


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