About Us

Our company started in 2008 to assist our clients to find and buy a holiday house in Switzerland. Most of our clients came from Europe. From 2010 onwards a shift started. The house/apartment itself was not the main need, the reasoning behind it was:


* Tax purposes

* Safe place to live

* Economical and political stable

* Quality of life

* To spend time as a family in a great holiday destination, winter and summer

* Education for the children

* A solid investment, residential and commercial

* Perfect location to set up a company to serve european and global market


Our clients required more services then only the house search, but they preferred to work with one contact...our company..

This triggered us and we decided to build a platform where most of the common requirements of our international clients are listed.


If you would like to inquire about our services, please feel free to CONTACT US

We provide a platform for your specific Swiss needs and will connect you to the right local partners, in Switzerland and in Asia!